PVC Safety Signs is a specialist and bespoke safety signs manufacturer. We are dedicated to produce the finest hand made safety signs money can buy.

As an experienced safety signs manufacturer with over 50 years of experience, we are fully committed to help you choose the best safety signs for the job or application. It can be a difficult task choosing the right safety design as there are many different choices to select from.

All of our safety sign designs comply with the new EU regulations BS EN ISO 7010 which is the current International and European standard.

Picking the correct safety sign can sometimes be confusing. All safety signs have a meaning or an instruction that must be followed. Different colours and designs are used to distinguish each type of safety sign. Please see below for meanings and classification of signs we currently have on sale.

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Prohibition Signs Mandatory Signs Hazard Safety Signs Safe Condition Signs
Meaning: Must Not Do, Restricted Actions, Forbidden Activity etc. Meaning: Advisory Action, Must Do, Recommended Instruction etc. Meaning: Caution, Warning, Danger Meaning: Escape Directions, Health and Safety Equipment, Safe Location
Related Categories: Prohibition Signs, No Smoking Signs, Security Stickers Related Categories: Mandatory Signs, Hygiene Stickers Related Categories: Hazard Signs, Electrical Safety Signs, Security Stickers Related Categories: Fire Exit Signs, First Aid Stickers
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